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What is SnailyCAD?

SnailyCAD is an open source Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) for FiveM, this is a web based integration for communities who love police roleplaying and dispatching.

It is built with scale in mind and with the latest technologies such as Next.js, React, TypeScript,, Node.js, etc.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows or Linux (pref. Ubuntu, Debian)
  • vCPU's/CPU's: >=2
  • RAM: >=2gb (>=4gb if running PostgreSQL on the same hardware)
  • Proxy: NGINX or Apache
  • Experience with the Command Prompt/Terminal is recommended


Cloud Hosted

SnailyCAD is available as a cloud hosted solution. This allows you to get started with SnailyCAD without having to install it yourself.

Cloud Hosted

Cloud hosting SnailyCAD will still allow you to customize everything to your liking. There are no limitations.

Installation methods

SnailyCADv4 is supposed to be self-hosted. You can install SnailyCAD on many platforms (Ubuntu, Debian, Windows, etc.). See installation guides below:

Recommended methods

Windows?: Manager App Linux?: Standalone

Reverse Proxies

Once you have installed SnailyCAD, you should setup a reverse proxy to access SnailyCAD via a domain name. This is recommended to improve security and performance. For less experienced users, we recommend using Cloudflare Tunnels. If you're a more advanced user/developer, or are already using a proxy listed below, you should use NGINX or Apache.

Reverse Proxy

This step is recommended for the most optimal performance and security. Cloudflare Tunnels is the easiest method to setup for most.

Updating SnailyCAD

Updating SnailyCAD is super easy, checkout the update guide for more information.

Setting up SnailyCAD

Once you've installed SnailyCADv4 and are able to access it via the browser, you can head to the next section


If you like SnailyCAD feel free to show your appreciation to SnailyCAD by giving it a star on GitHub 🌟

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