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Setting up SnailyCADv4


To setup SnailyCADv4, you must first create an account. The first account that gets made, is the owner's account.


The first account cannot be registered via Discord OAuth.

CAD Settings

Once the account has been created, you'll be able to customize the CAD's settings. There are several tabs that can be found on CAD Settings page.

Note: More information can be found on each tab.

  1. "General Settings": simple settings.
  2. "Features": Features that can be enabled or disabled.
  3. "Misc Settings": Miscellaneous settings that can improve the CAD's experience.
  4. "Auto set properties"
  5. "API Token": Allows the owner to set an API key. With this key, you can interact with the CAD's API.
  6. "Discord Roles": Select Discord roles, this will sync roles and permissions to the accounts made within the CAD.
  7. "Discord webhooks": allows the owner to set webhook channels, this will send respective data to that channel.


With values you are able to manage vehicles, weapons, genders and much more! Learn more here


I suggest you start exploring the CAD and see what else you can do! There's tons more features!


For questions or further support, feel free to join our Discord server

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