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Support Guidelines

There have been many people asking the same questions (or very much related). Therefore I have now created guidelines for "how to support".


You should always start by reading our documentation for a possible related issue, article, or document. The docs also have a search bar, so use it ;).


If you have feedback about the documentation, please provide it! It's very useful for future occurrences!

Provide the following information

If the documentation did not have what you're looking for, create a new thread in the support channel in the SnailyCAD Community Server.

When you create the thread, it's important that you provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • What have you tried already?
  • What version of Node.js, PostgreSQL and SnailyCAD have you got installed?
  • What is the exact issue? Provide as much information.
  • Screenshots and error messages are very useful.

A note on support members

SnailyCAD is an open-source project. Like with many open-source projects, there is no dedicated support team, all support is mostly given our free-time. So please keep this in mind when asking questions, etc.


Create threads when asking for help, it will allow for future reference and will not clog the support channel when multiple people are chatting.

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