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How to install PostgreSQL on Linux

In this short guide you will learn how to install PostgreSQL for SnailyCADv4 on Linux.


This guide is mainly directed for users using Ubuntu. However, most commands will work for any Linux distro

Installing PostgreSQL

Here we will update the apt packages and install PostgreSQL

sudo apt update && sudo apt install postgresql-14 postgresql-contrib

Starting PostgreSQL service

Now we must start the PostgreSQL service. This will allow us to connect to the database.

sudo systemctl start postgresql.service

PostgreSQL configuration

Firslty we must connect to the database via the command line:

psql -d postgres
error: FATAL: role "root" does not exist

Note that you might run into this error, if you try to execute this command as a root user:

psql: error: FATAL:  role "root" does not exist

To avoid it, simply switch to the postgres user:

sudo -u postgres -i

Then you can execute the first command that was mentionned before and you can continue with the guide.

psql -d postgres

Creating SnailyCAD user

Create user


This username must match the POSTGRES_USER in your ENV/.env file.

`postgres=#` CREATE USER "snailycad";

set permissions

`postgres=#` ALTER USER "snailycad" WITH SUPERUSER;

setting a password


This password must match the POSTGRES_PASSWORD in your ENV/.env file.

`postgres=#` ALTER USER "snailycad" PASSWORD 'replace-with-your-password';

Creating SnailyCADv4 database


This database name must match the POSTGRES_DB in your ENV/.env file.

`postgres=#` CREATE DATABASE "snaily-cadv4";

Next steps

Now you've successfully setup PostgreSQL on Ubuntu for SnailyCADv4. Make sure to update your .env file or your ENV (Manager app) to use the same values your used in this guide.

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