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How to start SnailyCADv4 with Screen

You can run snailycad under a screen session so you can safely close the terminal/ssh window without risking it closing out on you!

Creating a screen session

First you need to create the screen by running the following command:

screen -S snailycad

You can change snailycad to whatever. It's just a name to identify the screen session

after you confirm, it will open the screen session. Here you can go to your snailycad instance folder and run:

pnpm run start

Afterwards do CTRL A + X (Not CTRL C) to exit the screen session.

Re-open a screen session

If you want to reopen that session you can list all the screens using the following command:

screen -list

Reconnect to a screen session

To reconnect to an existing screen like the one you created run the following command:

screen -r -D snailycad

Make sure to snailycad to your screen name.

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