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Discord Bot Integration

SnailyCAD now has a bot which can be used to call emergency, tow and taxi services.


All the items listed below are required to use the bot.


1. Cloning the GitHub repository


Warning: Do not install the bot in the root folder. Install it in your Documents folder on Windows or home folder on Linux.

To fix this, run the following command:


cd Documents


cd /home/$(whoami)

Firstly, we need to clone the GitHub repository to our local machine:

git clone

Once the files have been cloned from GitHub, we can enter that folder:

cd snailycad-bot

2. Installing dependencies

Now we will install the dependencies that are required for the bot to function properly.


3. Configuration

Configuration can be a bit complicated, so pay close attention. The following steps will help you configure the bot's environment variables. These variables are used by the bot to connect to the database.

Tip: In support channels, this will be referenced as the .env file.

3.1 Copy .env.example to .env

We must first copy the .env.example file to .env:


copy .env.example .env


cp .env.example .env

Now we can start configuring the variables in the .env file. See next step 3.2 .env file.

3.2 .env info

  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD: The password to the PostgreSQL database.
  • POSTGRES_USER: The username to the PostgreSQL database.
  • DB_HOST: The database host. Most likely localhost
  • DB_PORT: The port to the database.
  • POSTGRES_DB: The database name.
  • BOT_TOKEN: The token to your bot application.

4. Build the bot

yarn build

5. Starting the bot

After completing all the steps above, we are ready to start the bot. To do this run the following command:

yarn start

You can also start the SnailyCAD bot with pm2. Make sure to install it first.

npm install -g pm2

Then run the following command:

pm2 start yarn --name "snailycad-bot" -- start

6. Using the bot

Head over to the the next section to learn how to use the bot.

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