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FiveM Script integration for SnailyCADv4

SnailyCAD has several FiveM integrations.


You can view the releases here. You must download the .zip files. Not the source code

Setting up the scripts


To use these scripts, you must add a few options in your server.cfg file.

set snailycad_url ""
set snailycad_api_key "XXXXXX"
setr snailycad_use_postal "true"
  • snailycad_url: The full URL/IP to your SnailyCAD instance API.
  • snailycad_api_key: The API Token to your SnailyCAD instance. This can be obtained via the CAD-settings -> "Api Token" tab
  • snailycad_use_postal: Whether it should use pre-defined postals (How to change them). "true" or "false"


  1. Download and add the resources to your resource folder.
  2. Add the following to your server.cfg file
ensure sna-alpr
ensure sna-call911
ensure sna-calltow
ensure sna-calltaxi
  1. Restart your server and your done!


ALPR Integration that connects to the Wraith ARS 2X resource.

How it works: When you lock onto a plate, sna-alpr will automatically try and lookup the locked plate. It will show simple results such as owner, registration status, etc. It will also fetch any BOLOs for that vehicle.