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Release 1.78.0

ยท One min read

This release includes several bug fixes and minor features.

New JSON Editor

We have added a new JSON editor, this allows you to easily edit Extra Fields for a few Values.

Extra Fields for Emergency Vehicle Value

You can now specificy Extra Fields on the Emergency Vehicle Value.

Deleteable bleets by admin

Admins are now able to delete bleeter posts. Go to the bleet that needs to be removed, and click the Delete button.

Assigned unit status

You can now see the status of a unit when selecting units to attach to a call.

Bug Fixes

  • Properly format callsign in callsign management.
  • Make sure the description field is nullable.
  • Properly check for What Pages when selecting a unit when going on-duty.
  • Do not prompt for Discord/Steam connections when in-game.


  • Able to provide multiple CORS origins.
  • Swedish translations.
  • Disable Sentry in development.

Full Changelog