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Release 1.73.0

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This release includes tons of new features and bug fixes.

London Studios SmartMotorways Support

This requires the latest release of the sna-live-map resource. This allows dispatchers to view all SmartMotorways signs and allows dispatchers with the Manage Smart Motorway Signs permission to edit SmartMotorways signs directly on the Dispatch Live Map.

Hunting & Fishing License

Citizens can now utilize a Hunting and Fishing license. These licenses are separate from each other. They are managed the same way other licenses are managed.

Vehicle Speed Information for Records

When creating a record, you can now specify the speed of the vehicle. This is useful for speeding tickets.

Open Law Book (Optional Feature)

When enabled, any user is able to view the CAD's penal codes as a list. This is accessible via Citizen -> Open Law Book.

Other Improvements

  • "My Record Reports" page for LEO. Allows them to view all reports the user officers have created.
  • Audit log entry for Citizen Record Remove and Citizen Warrant Remove.
  • Avoid changelog 403/429 errors.
  • Small performance improvements while creating Discord Webhooks.

Full Changelog