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Release 1.71.0

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This release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Impound lot improvements

You are now able to add a description/reason when impounding a vehicle. This will be shown in the impound lot. You are also able to view vehicle information directly from the impound lot.

Blacklisted Words

Owners are now able to add "Blacklisted words". These words will currently only check against vehicle plates and citizen names.

Citizen Record Approval Notification

When a citizen record is approved, a notification badge will be shown.

Department Links

You are now able to add links to departments. These are visible via the new "Department Info" button on LEO/EMS/FD Dashboards.

Docker Improvements

There have been some improvements to the Docker config to make it more robust.

Improved CAD-settings layout

The CAD-Settings layout has been improved to make it easier to navigate.

Improved CORS & Localhost usage errors

These 2 errors have been updated to make it easier to understand what the issue is and how to resolve it directly from the SnailyCAD UI.

Other Improvements

  • Support Node 20.
  • Fully migrated to pnpm.
  • Ability to selecy any 911-call to connect to a Citizen Record.

Full Changelog