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Release 1.67.0

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This release includes tons of improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

Updated FiveM Integrations

Since this update and [[email protected]], you are now able to do the following things:

  • Authenticate with your SnailyCAD instance using User API Tokens: /sn-auth.
  • See what user you're currently authenticated as: /sn-whoami.
  • See your active unit's name & id: /sn-active-unit.
  • Set the status of your active unit: /sn-set-status (if no statusCode is provided, a modal will open with all possible status codes.).
  • Toggle the panic button state of your active unit: /sn-panic-button.

New Audit Log Types

There are a few new audit log types:

  • Signal100Toggled
  • Call911Create

Images for registered vehicles and vehicle values

Citizens can now add images to your registered vehicles. Admins are also able to upload previews for vehicle values.

Improved Live Map Actions

The live map actions have been improved. Some actions are now stacked in a dropdown menu. This change was made to clear up to UI for future updates.

Pagination fixes

Several pages didn't yet have pagination. The latest release fixed this.

Bug fixes

This release includes several bug fixes and stability improvements.

Full Changelog