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How to set custom sounds

In this guide, you will learn how to manage custom sounds for your SnailyCAD instance.

SnailyCADv4 currently supports several different types for audio:

  • Panic Button (panic-button.mp3)
  • Signal 100 (signal100.mp3)
  • Added to call (added-to-call.mp3)
  • Roleplay stopped (roleplay-stopped.mp3)
  • Status Update (status-update.mp3)
  • Incoming Call (incoming-call.mp3)
  • LEO Tone (leo-tone.mp3)
  • EMS/FD Tone (ems-fd-tone.mp3)

There are files stored in the CAD that can be changed to custom sounds for your community.

How to change these files‚Äč

  1. Open apps/client/public/sounds
  2. Overwrite the wanted files.

Your custom sound files must match the filenames listed above and must have .mp3 extensions

  1. Rebuild the client: yarn workspace @snailycad/client build
  2. Restart the CAD

default sounds were provided by rhys19. Thanks a lot! See original GitHub issue